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Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution CAST LIST

YOU GUYS ROCK! The casting process was a challenging pleasure to be a part of. THANK YOU! The entire company, freshman to seniors, brought their A-game, and for that we are very grateful. The production team is happy to announce that we have found a place for everyone who auditioned. Now is the time for the next phase of work to begin. For those of you who have dialogue your work starts now. If you did not get a script you need to e-mail me ([email protected]) and arrange a pick-up. I expect/require you to spend time over the summer memorizing your lines. The more prepared you are on day one of rehearsal the better the production will be, and the happier you will be with your work. Time is always the enemy of theater. I don’t ever want to be saying…“if only we had a few more days, this could be so much better”.



The list is no particular order.

Carter, Chief

Ryan Lynn


Clara Edgecomb

Taylor White

Mr. Mayhew

Davis Langhoff

AJ Eustace

Sir Wilfrid Robarts

Nicholas Furst

Leonard Vole

Jack Parrotta

Andrew Tsantilas

Romaine Vole

Kat Corrigan

Alex Meyers


Jasmine Whittaker

Lily Mikita


Brycen Addison

Andrew Kelso

Janet MacKenzie

Lilly Casiraghi

Olivia Vitarelli

Inspector Hearn

Dylan Pojano

Woman Juror

Peyton Matik

Foreman (jury)

George Murphy


Katie Buse

Dr. Wyatt

Jake Vitarelli


Eleanor Winrow


Hunter Driscoll


Ryan Witty

Eli Grass


Rachel Wilson


Lauren McNamara


The ensemble will be used in special ways to enhance the show. We are adding vignettes to the courtroom scenes that will be acted out by members of the ensemble. There will be jurors, a gallery, and other assorted courtroom personnel that need to be assigned from the ensemble. Don’t forget that this is always an opportunity to showcase what you can bring to the next audition. Theater is also about building working relationships.

Matthew Huang

Quinn Lupton

Emma Driver

Sylvia Zhao

Julia Rothstein

Chris Henesy

Abby Seaman

Jessica Olin

Zoe Weiss

Anna Iofino

Brielle Flavin

Sarah Bates

Riley Luchetta

Mickey Wilcox

Ella Kelso

Michael Biondo

Jake Eagan

Jordan Foster

Ava Kaplan